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Fuji Film Imaging Colorants, INC.

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FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants (FFIC) is a global leader in the development and supply of novel, high performance colorants and aqueous inkjet inks that are enabling new possibilities in digital print.

Laboratory Renovation Project at Building L-55 and office renovation:

  • Renovations to 14,000sf chemical laboratory building to convert to R&D imaging colorant (ink) testing and development laboratory.
  • Included conversion of entire building heating plant from steam to hot water system including new gas fired boilers, new reheat coils, VFD’s, AHU coils, and associated piping and controls.
  • New lab spaces included wet lab, thermal lab and conversion of chemical labs
  • Architectural work included new offices, conference room, finishes and ceilings

Women’s Locker Room Renovation:

  • Expansion of existing women’s toilet room to accommodate showers, lockers and changing area for employees
  • Work was completed in the US headquarters building and during normal business hours with no disruption to the business operations.  The locker room is adjacent to the executive suite of offices.