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Villanova University – Laboratory, Classroom & Office Renovations

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Mendel Hall
  • Laboratory 291 Renovation.  The project included demolition, constructing new partitions, HVAC renovations including laminar flow diffusers, laboratory casework including chemical fume hood, electrical work, new flooring, and laboratory gas services including compressed air, natural gas, vacuum and DI water.
  • Chemistry Lab 287-289.   Chemical lab relocation from 3rd floor included Fume hood relocation, sprinkler system modification, casework, plumbing, emergency shower, finishes and utility dis and reconnection.  All work completed with occupied space below.

Villanova CEER Microprocessor Lab 2

Tolentine Hall
  • Room Renovations 204/205 Winter 2013 included selective demolition, new ceilings, finishes, Transom windows, doors & frames, drywall patching.
  • Psychology Lab 231 Renovation.
CEER Buildingdifferent-types-of-engineering-03
  • Labs 001 and 104  Renovation and Replacement Seats.
  • Interior Renovation/Alteration Classrooms 204 and 206.

  • Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs Relocation.  Renovation for Classrooms 237, 301 and 303.