Turn5 – Corporate Headquarters


Turn5 Inc. asked Gbuild to be the general contractor and construction manager on the 90,000 square foot office fit-out for its new corporate headquarters.


Construction Management


Gbuild did a complete overhaul on a 90,000 square foot building, inside and out, to create Turn, Inc Corporate Headquarters. New openings were cut into the exterior of the building to accommodate new windows. All existing windows were enlarged and replaced. The building received an entirely new facade of corrugated metal and cedar plank siding. A 3,000 square foot concrete patio was created with an up-cycled shipping container bar and a pergola for outdoor working space. Video production spaces were customized to each of Turn5’s brands. Interior glass office fronts provided to all private offices. Individually customized conference rooms, open concept collaboration and private phone rooms were created. New 6,000 square foot break room includes a golf simulator, two-lane full-sized bowling alley, coffee bar, and 3 operable full-glass garage doors. The existing building received an entirely new HVAC system, which included new rooftop air handlers for the office area, fire alarm panel, large fans, underground sanitary for restrooms, break rooms, and up-cycled storage container coffee bars.

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